The Fortress

by Madeleine Romeyer Dherbey


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My very good friend Daniel Morrow, an Historian whom I should have asked to read the MS before it was published and not after, mentioned a couple of mistakes. The first is that Frankfurt is not located in the Ruhr. I was so sure it was that I didn’t even checked… The second is that, contrary to my wishful footnote, General Olry–which I managed to misspel–did not destroy General Erich Hoepner’s XVI Panzerkorps during the Battle of the Alps in June 1940. He did stop a 300,000 strong Italian force, and it is rather General Cartier who stops the German PanzerKorps. Both of them prevented the enemy from making contact, which is why the Ligne de Demarcation was drawn above Grenoble, which remained French until 1943. Thanks Dan!

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