The Fortress

by Madeleine Romeyer Dherbey

Citation caporal-chef Robert Romeyer Dherbey

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Citation caporal-chef Robert Romeyer Dherbey

Click on the link to get the original. I am not sure where this was published. We have a newspaper insert, and of course the official document, framed with the two medals my dad was awarded during World War Two. Many times our family had to resort to showing this in order to prove he was neither a collaborator nor a coward. The text remains the same on all three documents, and here is the translation:

Citation to the Order of the Division

The general Duchemin, commandant officer of the third light infantry division, cites to the Order of the Division,

Caporal-Chef Romeyer Dherbey Robert, matricule 1821: When it became impossible to cross the Sully-sur-Loire bridge with his tractors due to bombardment and obstruction of the bridge, got off his vehicle and, accompanied by a young chasseur, killed three Germans of the advanced ennemy guard who had made contact, managed to disengage and forcefully bring back his equipment to the Company, on June 17, 1940.

Awarded a War Cross with silver star.

Second citation to the Order of the Division

From the Somme, Oise, Marne, , Seine, and past the Loire, until the end, despite suffering and fatigued, gave the most beautiful example of what a French man can give, exhausted maybe, defeated, never.

Awarded the Bronze star.


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